Burger Mania Goes Beyond Limits

Hamburger enthusiast Harry Spurl has created the Burger Trike, a three wheeled hamburger motorcycle.


Incredible Burger and Fries Birthday Cake

Hamburger baby

Cheeseburger Hand Warming Mouse Pad

The cheeseburger heated mouse pad will toast your hands as you browse inappropriate material at home, at the office, or even on the road. 

Knitted Burger Menu

Hamburger Trash Can

This creative work of art would go great in any restaurant, kitchen, or even bedroom.

The hamburger, french fries and the drink made from the most versatile bricks.

Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Two of our favorite things put in one big bag- a sleeping bag, of course.

Now Its Time To Wear Your Meal

Hamburger Sneaker

Burger Cupcakes

Vanilla cake for the buns, chocolate cake for the patty.

Who would love to get this Burger iPhone Case?

Grill your own or jump in your Fiat and hit the drive thru!

Burger Shaped Telephone

The guys at the West-wood Flea Market deserve applause for making their mobile burger truck look so real.

Fabric burger and fries

Hamburger food yummy bean bag

Spoof Burger Printed Socks

This fast food key-chain is perfect for every junk food lover

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