16 Amazing Buses Converted into Mobile Homes

Most of us dream for villas and bungalows but I think people who live in such residences, are most far from one another. Tiny sweet homes give us a feeling of family and group. Here are some amazing ideas of tiny sweet homes by conversion of buses.

Andrew and Lisa-Jane Powis, from Ryton, Shropshire, bought the Leyland Atlantean bus off eBay for just £2,500 and spent six weeks transforming it into a unique camper van.

In 2015 our eyes were opened to the bus life movement, and in a matter of two months of having conceived the idea, we bought our bus.

When most of us think of buying a house, we turn to the real estate classified. But not Felix Starck and Selima Taibi of Expedition Happiness.

A tour inside a solar-powered bus conversion that makes you feel at ease.

The inside of the Vanity Salon Style Bus!

After years of staying put, this couple finally decided it was time to make some changes and to hit the road in a DIY school bus conversion.

Imagine paying less than $20,000 for your dream home.

Surfing couple in a school bus conversion

I think everyone want such kind of neat, beautiful and well lighted home.

We live in our self-converted skoolie with our two young children ages 2 and 4. These tips will be most helpful for families with very young children who are interested in living in a bus.

A young couple who could not afford a deposit for a house has turned a double-decker bus into their first home.

Now with more skills and a passion to build conversions for others, Kyle offers his carpentry skills to those looking to go tiny.

And now the most luxurious and comfy conversion.

Bluebird Bus Conversion Into Tiny Sweet Home

Party Bus Conversions

Feel the Limo services taste.

The most unique and colorful mono style bus conversion.

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