19 Actors you can't Recognize in Their Movie Roles

Gary Oldman — Dracula

Tilda Swinton — Madame D

Brad Pitt — Benjamin Button

Ralph Fiennes — Lord Voldemort

Meryl Streep — Hannah Pitt

Richard Brake — The Night King

Hugo Weaving — Red Skull

Gerard Butler — The Phantom of the Opera

Ron Perlman — Hellboy

Michelle Pfeiffer — Lamia

Charlize Theron — Aileen Wuornos

Helena Bonham Carter — Ari

Tom Hardy — Bane

Karen Gillan — Nebula

Eddie Redmayne — Lili Elbe

John Travolta — Edna Turnblad

Zoe Saldana — Gamora

Mickey Rourke — Marv

Cara Delevingne — Enchantress

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  1. Most of the movies I’ve never seen. I find myself seeing things I can’t unsee, when I subject myself to horror, graphic violence, but even have had to restrict my viewing. SVU was my ultimate favourite. I never missed it! Then, my PTSD started rearing it’s ugly head. One by one, I had to weed thru the tv shows I watched. Till I got the PTSD under control, but without rhyme or reason, it comes, 💥, and I can’t watch anything for a week, sometimes two.

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