18 Stunning Celebrities With Their Signature Poses

#1 Megan Fox: The Tongue Twister


The sexy actress has a proclivity for sticking her tongue out in front of the cameras, also showing lots of leg. Both are wildly popular.

#2 Nicki Minaj- Weird snarly face

#3 Ryan Gosling- Nose scrunch

#4 Britney Spears- Hands behind back pose

Britney Spears Has One Signature Pose for Every Red Carpet.

#5 Kate Hudson: The Peace and Pout

Kate Hudson loves to flash the peace sign and pairs it perfectly with her pout or a lovely smile.

#6 Jonathan Rhys Meyers- Judging-you-tbh eyes (or rape eyes)

#7 Kim Kardashian: The Over the Shoulder

#8 Katy Perry: The Sexy Stare

There's plenty of times when she rocks the wistful, sexy stare. We suppose you have to contrast glitter ticket dresses with some sort of seriousness.

#9 AnnaLynne McCord: The Kissy Face

#10 Miley Cyrus: The ‘Hi, I’m Here!

The Disney starlet waves and smiles and waves some more as the cameras flash. The excitement looks a little forced at times, but that's okay.

#11 Lindsay Lohan- The Finger Bite

#12 Victoria Beckham: Best Foot Forward

#13 Paris Hilton: The Back Scoop

#14 Justin Bieber: The Pocket Protector

#15 Lady Gaga Poses

#16 Olivia Wilde

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