Let's Dine in the Most Crazy & Creative Hotels of the World

A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis. Facilities provided may range from a modest-quality mattress in a small room to large suites with bigger, higher-quality beds, a dresser, a refrigerator and other kitchen facilities, upholstered chairs, a flat screen television, and en-suite bathrooms.

But, if you are an adventure, you must try these crazy and weird hotels.


If you like remote locations, this is the hotel room for you. The self-sufficient mountain living unit by London designer Ross Lovegrove will be located in Piz la Ila (Alta Badia, Italy) at 2,100 meters of altitude.

The eight-metre-diameter design looks like a metal pebble, but is actually made from acrylic with a reflective coating to create a 360-degree view.

Waterworld Hotel (China)

Atkin's Architecture Group won first prize for an international design competition with this stunning entry. Set in a spectacular water filled quarry in Songjiang, China, the 400 bed resort hotel is uniquely constructed within the natural elements of the quarry. Underwater public areas and guest rooms add to the uniqueness, but the resort also boasts cafes, restaurants and sporting facilities.

Montana Magica Lodge (Chile)

The Montana Magica Lodge is a sight to behold. Nestled in the Andes, this hotel is built right into a volcano. And if that wasn't enough, it has a waterfall that makes its way down the steep slope of the resort. As its own website puts it, there may be no better "reminder of the majesty of Mother Nature."

An unfriendly, uncomfortable and unheated place- Karosta Prison Hotel (Latvia)

A perfect place to experience a life in prison. There are four tour levels to choose from which offer varying degree of discomfort. you can also pay more money to be kicked and beaten.

Where rooms are made of concrete pipes – Das Park Hotel (Austria)

A hotel with rooms made of giant concrete sewage pipes might sound a little odd, but this artistic creation can be recreated to provide cheap lodging anywhere. These 9,5 tonne concrete sections are a standard item in near all concrete factories and the oden floors, a really comfortable double bed, minibar and room service through to 1am. For night owls, the reception is open 24hrs.

A hotel made out of a survival pod – Capsule Hotel (Netherlands)

Your own survival pod! Escape pod hotel in a city centre dock location. Moored in The Hague, your room is a bright orange survival pod which once saw service on an oil rig platform. Originally built in 1972 they are 4.25 metres in diameter and unaltered apart from the addition of a lock on the outside and an ‘emergency' chemical toilet inside. While not everyone's luxury choice, each pod provides cosy protection from the elements for up to three occupants.

Manned Cloud by Jean-Marie Massaud

This whale-shaped flying hotel is a proposal developed by French designer Jean-Marie Massaud with French national aerospace research body ONERA to accommodate 40 guests, plus a restaurant, library, fitness suite and spa.

The airship would have a cruising speed of 130 kilometres per hour and a top speed of 170, and include a sun deck on top of its double helium-filled envelopes.

Incredibly Amazing Hotel Made Of Ice And Snow – Sweden

At the Ice hotel in Sweden, everything stays frozen all year round – even in the summer. Temperatures in the rooms are around -5 degrees Celsius and, oddly enough, the hotel uses solar panels to keep cool.

Are you ready to dine with a friendly giraffe – Giraffe Manor (Kenya)

This small and exclusive hotel -- surrounded by 140 acres of indigenous forest just outside Nairobi -- is famous for its resident herd of giraffes. It's the only place in the world where you can enjoy the experience of feeding and photographing the giraffe over the breakfast table, at the front door or while you dine, and the giraffes poke their heads through the window.

The Doghouse – USA

Built in the shape of a giant beagle, the Dog Park Bark Inn is probably the only place in the world where it's good to be in the dog house – and comfortable too. The first floor balcony offers expansive views of prairie grain fields and surrounding mountains, and a spectacular  starry 'sky garden' on clear nights. Dogs are welcome too.

The Galactic Suite Space Resort – Barcelona

When The Galactic Suite Space Resort opens for business in 2012, well-heeled guests will be charged $4.4 million for a three night stay at the first planned hotel in space – eight-week training course on a tropical island included.

This crazy alpine hotel looks like it’s sliding off a mountaintop

Designer Andrii Rozhko has created a crazy alpine hotel that looks like it’s about to slide off a mountainside. His design, called Hotel in Alps, features a dazzling glass hotel whose facade rises and falls like the mountains surrounding it. The eye-catching hotel is designed to help visitors experience the best of the famous European mountain range.

Jumbo Hotel: The jumbo boeing 747-200 recycled as a hotel

In the summer of 2008, the aircraft was towed to its final destination at the entrance of the Arlanda airport, where it sits on a concrete foundation. The landing gear is secured in two steel cradles. The jumbo boeing 747-200 aircraft is a spectacular landmark and works as a portal to Arlanda, putting on offer a view of the landing strip. No visitor to Arlanda can miss this unique low-cost, eco-hotel.

A single room luxury hotel – Everland (Paris)

Everland is a hotel with only one room, including a bathroom, a king-size bed and a lounge. What makes it so different is that -because it is also an art installation- this hotel travels! The Everland has been ‘parked' in the most unsual places, like the roof-deck of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig, Germany, or the roof of Palais de Tokyo (with a spectacular view on the Eiffel Tower) in Paris.

Inflatable tent

Unlike ordinary hotels where you board an elevator to your room, each room of the French Bubble Hotel room is a transparent, inflatable spherical bubble that nestles outdoors in nature under the stars. Enter through a zip-open door and you’ll find a spacious bed and custom furniture all oriented to give you a view of the alluring French countryside and, at night, the Milky Way galaxy.

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