How Genius People Find Creative Solutions for Damaged Stuff

I can’t see a reason why it can’t be the same man who finds gold in his garbage.

Now, you don’t have to throw away things as soon as they break. With a little bit of creativity, most broken things can be fixed or even become something better.

A broken mug looking brand new with just a little creative work of polymer clay.

Lets reuse the broken pots.

A solution for all mothers’ problems

Don’t throw your favorite shoes

Now you can also glam up your old heels using glitter

Repair your torn jeans with these quirky monster patches

Its not time to worry

Repair Broken Birdbath Using Recycled DVDs

Adding some petals to child’s creativity

Cracked Wall Turned Into Camels Journey

Repaired By Sewing Them With Gold Thread

If You Don’t Have The Money To Fix It?

A Chance To Be Useful Again By Repairing Them With Tightened Belts

How To Fix A Cracked Mirror

A Proper Way To Fix A Dent

Lego Pieces repairing

Boyfriend Fell Down Our Stairs On Thanksgiving Day. Instead Of Fixing The Hole, We Got Creative

The Best Way To Fix A Hole In The Wall

Seat Repair With Duct Tape

Roommate Punched A Hole In His Door

Now no need to waste your burst boll


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