Creatures of harry Potter Universe

Trevor (Neville Longbottom’s pet toad)


Makes numerous escape attempts during his owner's time at Hogwarts

House-elves (Loyal magical creatures bound to their owners as servants for life)

Large heads, long noses and fingers, very short, with bulging, tennis ball eyes and bat-like ears. Their own type of magic performed without a wand which includes the ability to apparate, disarm and make objects levitate. Bound to serve one owner unless freed by being given clothes by that.

Owls (Loyal pets, and the preferred postal method in the wizarding world)

Phoenixes (Can carry incredibly heavy loads, tears have healing properties)

Hippogriffs (Half horse, half eagle creatures, immensely proud and extremely dangerous)

Merpeople (Underwater beasts who have a rocky relationship with the wizarding world)

Half fish, half human, grey skin, dark green hair, yellow eyes, and teeth.

Warlike tendencies can drag people to their deaths underwater.

Goblins (Skilled metalworkers who run Gringotts Wizarding Bank)

Their own type of magic performed without a wand.

Basilisks (Giant serpents which can instantly kill anyone who looks into their eyes)

Dementors (The guards of Azkaban, they feed on human happiness and can extract souls with their Dementor’s Kiss)

Mountain Trolls (The largest and most vicious breed of troll – best avoided)

Acromantula (Highly dangerous giant spiders, of whom Hagrid is rather fond)

Thick black hair-covered bodies, with a leg span reaching up to fifteen feet.

Capable of human speech, and possess near-human intelligence.

Pixies (Electric blue mischief-makers who delight in playing tricks)

Can fly, and can carry the weight of a human in spite of their miniature size.

Practical jokers, pixies like to cause havoc, and are known to seize humans by the ears.

Unicorns (Beautiful, pure-white horned horses with highly magical properties)

Pure-white horned horse, foals are golden and then turn silver before reaching adulthood. It's horn, hair, and blood all possess highly magical properties.

Thestrals (Thestrals can only be seen by those who have witnessed death)

Black, winged horses with skeletal features. It has the ability to fly and the power of invisibility. Although classified as 'dangerous' by the Ministry of Magic, Thestrals can be tamed.

Thunderbirds (Used by Shikoba Wolfe to create powerful wands)

Flying beast that can sense danger, and create storms as it flies. Its tail feathers were used by Shikoba Wolfe to create powerful wands, particularly good for Transfiguration. Similar to a large albatross, standing taller than a man when fully grown. Can have cloud and sun-like patterns on its wings. Senses danger and creates storms as it flies.

Werewolves(Once infected by lycanthropy, they transform into a deadly wolf every full moon)

A werewolf bite can kill, or turn their victim into a werewolf.

Boggarts (Boggarts lurk in cupboards and when confronted, take the form of your worst fears)

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