33 Celebrity Tweets which were Deleted

You can hit the delete button, but once something’s on the internet, it’s there forever. And at no point is that truer than when it comes to a social media clanger.

Here we have some deleted tweets of celebrities. So, scroll down and read these funny and hilarious tweets.

When Kim Kardashian shared a deep thought

When Ashanti asked the big questions

When Jessica Simpson couldn’t help herself

When Lindsay Lohan was confused

When Jaden Smith got philosophical

When Joel Osteen got mixed up

When Aaron Carter made this valuable point

When we weren’t sure what Ryan Lochte was doing

We can just about interpret a misspelled “rock, paper, scissors,” but why was he tweeting about that anyway?

When Larry King had an exciting life

When Justin Bieber lost the plot

When Kim Kardashian was confused by science

When Ke$ha was (allegedly) wasted

When Diddy overshared

When Tyra Banks tried to be relatable

Hey, there’s nothing worse than trapped “bobbies,” are we right?

When Cher had a moment of self-reflection

It’s the fact she appeared to hit “send tweet” without even quick spellcheck that truly elevates this to icon status.

When Lil John gave us too much information

When Kevin Durant was suspicious

When Kris Jenner went off-script

When Hailey Baldwin’s opinion aged poorly

When Linsday Lohan had poor comedic timing

When Kanye West was super relatable

When Mary J. Blige shot herself in the foot

We hate it when people “understand estimate” our “intelligence” too. Whatever that means, exactly.

When Fergie shared an important message

When Bebe Rexha had a loose grasp on world history

When Taylor Swift got creative

We cannot stress this enough: Do not try this at home.

When Jordyn Woods got salty

When Liam Payne mixed up his words

Hey, everyone is entitled to their… “onion,” we suppose.

When Drake Bell got petty

Although we have to say, our hearts were a little bit broken too when Josh Peck didn’t invite Drake to his wedding.

When Aaron Carter was a brat

Nothing to endear the general public to you like yelling at your limo driver.

When Solange lost the plot

We have absolutely no idea what’s going on here.

When Kevin Hart got honest

When Kanye West shared an insight into his brain

And finally, when Michael Caine … said this

Whatever you may think you know about Michael Caine, you have to know one thing for sure: He’s not locked in an “attick.” Got it??

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