You’ll be Surprised to Know these Disgusting Ingredients of Cosmetics

Makeup and beauty products are one of the most selling products in the world. Nasty, Disgusting, yet women use it every day and their man kisses or licks it off their skin. Lols

Expensive Perfume Contains Whale Poop

It's often called the "gold of the sea." Just one pound of the stinky stuff can earn its finder up to $10,000.

Lipstick Contains Crushed Parasitic Beetles

Beetles that are native to South America and Mexico feed on cactus plants. Female cochineal beetles eat the red cactus berries, so when the beetles are crushed, a very powerful red dye is produced.

Even, The Starbucks admits its Strawberry Drinks are colored with Crushed Parasitic Beetles which is creating a great problem for its vegan customers.

Sheep “Wool Wax” is in Shaving Cream and Lotions

When you feel the silky smooth feelings after applying lotion or shaving, there is a 99% chance that you’re using a product with an ingredient called lanolin. The fact is, Lanolin is collected from sheep wool and is used in vitamin supplements as a water-proofing agent, and yes, in countless beauty products. 

OMG-Infant Foreskins In Moisturizers and Facials

So-called "foreskin facials" are becoming a trend. Is this really an effective treatment?

A 'p*n*s facial' that uses a serum made from infant foreskins has sparked a major debate about circumcision.

NS Recovery Complex by SkinMedica claims to use cells derived from human infant foreskins (NouriCel-MD) in their "revolutionary" line of anti-aging products.

Shark Liver Oil in Lip-balms and Sunscreens

Many commercially produced brands of moisturizer, sunscreen, lipstick, and eye makeup contain a compound derived from shark liver oil known as "squalene". 

Snail Slime in Moisturizers

Snail slime is the mucus produced by snails that makes it easy for them to crawl.

The slime produced by them contains glycerol acid and elastin, which remove dead cells and make the skin smooth and supple.

Dynamite in Deodorant and Exfoliates

Dynamite deodorant is a substance applied to the body to prevent body odor caused by the bacterial breakdown. These plugs decrease wetness, and therefore, decrease the chance for the bacteria to grow.

Tough on sweat, not on skin.

Bull Semen in Hair Products

Now, there are high-end salons that promise to make your hair smoother than ever. For a small fortune, you can opt for a treatment that infuses your hair with protein. The main ingredient in the treatment? Bull semen.

The semen is mixed with a plant called Katara and applied to the hair in swanky salons. The process takes about 45 minutes, costs about $90-120 USD, and has been described as "Viagra for hair."

Roadkill in Lipsticks, Eye Shadows, and Soaps

Eye makeup, lipsticks, makeup bases and foundations, shampoos, shaving soaps, moisturizers, and skincare products. Tallow is a common ingredient in all these products, which is made by rendering animal fat. 

The dead animals used to make tallow come from many different sources, including labs, slaughterhouses, zoos, shelters, and yes, roadkill.

Fish Scales in Nail Polishes and Mascaras

Guanine is a crystalline material that produces a shimmering or light-diffusing coloring ingredient in products like mascara and nail polish. It is made not from bat feces, but from ground-up fish scales, and it is commonly used in the formulation of bath products, cleansing products, fragrances, hair conditioners, lipsticks, nail products, shampoos, and skincare products.

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