After Seeing these Photos you should be Thankful that These Animals are Extinct


Gigantopithecus (9.8 ft hight and weighing as much as 600 kg)

Andrewsarchu (weigh up to 1800 kg)

Pulmonoscorpius (30 inches long)

Megalania (grew to be as long as 25 feet)

Helicoprion (39 ft total and 24 inches jaw length)

Entelodon (4 ft 5 in tall)

Anomalocaris (up to 3.3 feet long)

Meganeura (26 inches wingspan)

Deinosuchus (39 ft in length and weigh as much as 8.5 tons)

Dunkleosteus (33 ft in length and weigh as much as 4 tons)

Spinosaurus (59 ft tall and weigh up to 10 tons)

Smilodon (weigh as much as 410 kg)

Quetzalcoatlus (wingspan up to 40 ft)

Short-Faced Bear (12 ft tall and weight estimation is over 1350 kg)

Megalodon (59 ft in length and weigh as much as 33.9 tons)

Titanoboa (42 feet and weigh over 1133 kg)

Pelagornis Sandersi (wingspan between 17 to 24 feet)

It is the largest flying bird ever existed. Commonly found over the ocean, having a wingspan between 17 to 24 feet and weighted approximately 22 to 40 kg.

Euphoberia or Giant Centipede(30 centimeter long)


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