22 of the Genetically Unique People

Born With Natural Elf Ear


Dad Has 6 Fingers On Each Hand.

No nail by birth, i think google eyes make more adorable

Born Without A Bridge In Nose

No thumb but having five fingers

Baby with six toes

Half of the lashes are white.

Half face freckles naturally

Hand with a single ling across the palm.

Fleshy tentacles under the tongue.

Missing two fingers and half palm.

I’ve six toes while my co-worker has just four toes.

Symmetrical Hair Whorls which go in opposite directions.

This person can hold objects backwards.

Girl’s Right Thump is Unable To Bend

Leaf shape scare in eye.

The right hand is noticeably older than the left one.

One thumb is from mother and the other is from dad.

Internal bruising visualized

Mother’s genetics transferred to baby

One third part is gray

Me and my sister has joint fingers.

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