22 Most Hilarious Pictures Of ‘Riccing’

Back in November 2013, the tiny Ricci decided to put her entire body in her fridge. She shared the picture via Twitter, and in the blink of an eye started an Internet phenomenon called “riccing.” People pose for pictures while squeezed into a confined space, such as the inside of a cupboard, oven or refrigerator. Take a look at some of the more bizarre examples of this trend!

The photo that started it all – actress Christina Ricci in her fridge

Elizabeth Hashagen, morning co-anchor for News 12, Long Island, riccing in the rolling editing cart

Natasha Geigel, Traffic reporter for News 12, riccing in a camera cage

Ricci again

This one cute

Bet even Ricci can’t fit in a queen-size pillowcase.

What do you think?

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