Massive Fried Rice Prank Turns Into Epic Photoshop Battle

The internet is a wonderful, terrible, crazy place. In the last few years, it has been filled with trends, memes, and battles. Usually, people don’t even know where it all started. They just keep going and going until they look unrecognizable from the start. Well, welcome to the start of one of these trends. And it all begins with a tale of massive fried rice. That’s right. Japanese guy Kanta decided to prank his friend Tommy by cooking a wave of fried rice and it launched an epic photoshop battle.

It’s not what you’re thinking.

When we say he made a wave of fried rice, we don’t mean like an ocean wave.

That would be impossible.

And it’s not the other type either.

No, it’s not fried rice turned into someone waving.

How would that even work?

We mean a massive fried rice prank.

Frying that much rice usually takes it out of people.

But our prankster doesn’t look anything like as stressed as this guy.

He looks fairly calm to say he’s cooking so much

In fact, it looks kind of like he’s just frying a huge portion of rice.

What’s the catch?

But there’s something not quite right about it

He’s frying that rice alright, but it doesn’t look right. How is it maintaining its form?

Yep, Kanta is not in fact cooking at all. It was all a big wind-up so that his friend Tommy would think he was cooking this crazy meal.

This was all a prank on his friend

It turns out you can actually buy a wok of fried rice being cooked.

Yes, he actually bought this at a shop. Only in Japan, eh?

And the internet has gone mad for it

And then the photoshopping began

People are absolutely loving this photo.

To start with, everyone was just praising it.

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