26 Awesome Photos Taken During a Flood



Tuazon Village, Philippines

I Need to Update my Profile Now.


Just make sure the power cables are not under water.

Nigeria, Malawi

Manila, Philippines

Nashville, Tennessee

Jacksonville, Florida

Hurricane Harvey, Texas

Vines, Italy

Flood in India

Two Girls Enjoying the Flood

Venice, Italy

In Flood You Can Practice Swimming in Home Then Participate in Olympics .

I Have Waited So Long for This, Philippines

Nice Day for Wet Wedding, Philippines

There are those who hold that a rainy wedding means good luck for the happy couple. If this is true, then Hernelie Ruazol and Ram Campo are in for a blessed marriage indeed—it didn’t just rain on their wedding, it poured and even flooded.

Yes I am Still Holding, Thailand

Nice Solution, Philippines

I am Gonna Just Stay Here and Smoke a Cigarette, Thailand

Local Train Station, Sweden

People in Sweden Went for a Swim When a Local Train Station Got Flooded.

Children Playing During Flood, Jakarta Indonesia

New Orleans, Louisiana

North Carolina, USA


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