20 Of The Unusual And Stunning Things Shaped Like A Guitar

Guitars provide inspiration for a lot of things in life but there are some people who take that to an extreme level. Occasionally, a guitar is not really a guitar. Sometimes it is a boat or a coffin or even a man-made forest. Some of these guitar-shaped things are mass-produced. Some are the sole purpose of pleasing a passionate guitarist.

Take a look at these guitar-shaped things below.

01. Guitar-Shaped Pool.

Believe it or not, guitar-shaped swimming pools are not uncommon.

While swimming pools shaped like a guitar can now be found at several places in the world, the first such design was installed as early as 1960, 

02. Guitar-Shaped Car.

An eight-wheeler, 24-foot-long and custom-made, the Guitar Car, known as the Git-Car.  

At 28 feet long, it’s amazing to think that this car actually runs! Even better…you can rent this car.                                

03. Guitar-Shaped Deck.

 This Guitar-Shaped deck is floating on top of a backyard pond. A lovely married couple created this eye-catching deck so they could fish and entertain friends.

Perhaps it’s a boat dock or perhaps it’s just a deck that extends into a small pond.

04. Guitar-Shaped Boat.

If you thought that only cars and bikes can help you travel to a music style, you should think again! The lovers of the sea should look no further for inspiration than the Australian singer-songwriter Josh Pyke.

Australian singer Josh Pyke commissioned this guitar-shaped boat to be built. He later sold it for charity.

05. Guitar-Shaped House.

The home of Elvis Cardin, a western singer, has been designed to resemble a guitar when looked from above. The project took as much as 16 years to complete, 

06. Guitar-Shaped Forest.

This Giant Guitar-Shaped Forest in Argentina. When Argentinian farmer decided to honor her by creating an over-sized tribute of more than 7,000 living trees A heartbroken Argentinian farmer spent years cultivating the forest to pay homage to his late wife, who died in 1977.

07. Guitar-Shaped Stairs.

This custom piece of home design created by Preetham Dsouza makes interesting use of point of view. 

This staircase is perfect for music lovers. it's a creative way to build a staircase. The guitar staircase was created by ingenious Indian Interior Designer Preetham Dsouza, this guitar is truly an original.

08. Guitar-Inspired Toilet.

In Kentucky, USA you can find pretty much anything, as proven by this amazing toilet seat. Recommended for true music enthusiasts.

Is this the best way to show your love for guitars by putting your rear end on it?

09. Guitar-Shaped Scooter.

This guitar-shaped motorcycle was nicknamed the “Guitcycle” by designer Ray Nelson, This guitcyle was fashioned by California artist and biker Ray Nelson in 1981. e. He has showcased the guitcycle in museums and vehicle shows across the country. In 1982,

It was built on the frame of a 650 Yamaha. It runs just like any other motorcycle.

10. Guitar-Shaped Coffin.

The infamous musician John Graham left this world, in a coffin, shaped like a Fender guitar. The idea for the coffin was his wife’s, as she decided that there isn’t a more worthy tribute for him than this.

11. Outdoor Sink.

This custom outdoor sink reminds you of your guitar even while you’re washing your hands. I’m not entirely sure what the neck portion of the sink would be useful.

12. Guitar-Shaped Wedding Cake

This guitar-shaped wedding cake is over 6 feet in length and 29 inches across. The bride and groom were both avid guitarists so…why the heck not?

13. Guitar-Shaped Ice Cube.

These novelty guitar ice cubes are a fun and unique way to keep your drinks cold.

This novel idea makes the guitar body an actual ice cube!  This is a great gift for guitarists that is both unique and cheap!

14. Guitar-Shaped Shelf

This seems a little over-the-top for my taste, but props to the builders for taking a boring space for a bookshelf and making a massive acoustic guitar.

15. Guitar-Shaped Gum Ball Machine.

Last but not least, this gumball machine makes me feel like a kid again! Although it looks like a functioning guitar, the fact is that it is an actual gumball machine that accepts quarters in return for colored sugar.

16. Guitar-Shaped House

Country singer Elvis Cardin loved music so much, that he designed his home to look like one. Not only did the singer come up with the concept, but he also built the 110-foot-long house all by himself. 

17. Guitar-shaped liquid container.

This guitar-shaped liquid container by RockHouse Bar in Las Vegas will interest you. It’s really not at a bad price, especially since it comes with a guitar strap and a long straw.


18. Guitar-Shaped Building.

This is a beautiful attempted to build a guitar-shaped multi-purpose building. The Seminole Hard Rock & Casino’s audacious, $1.5 billion expansion is commanding the attention of commuters on highways, passengers aboard planes.

This guitar-shaped hotel soars 450 feet into the sky, an extravagant glass structure that no one can miss.

19. Guitar-Shaped Pan

This Seasoned Cast Iron Guitar Skillet looks huge, but it only holds about five ounces of food, just so your food can cook evenly. The best thing about this nifty pan is the fact that it has a long handle, which can prevent careless skin and hand burns.

20. Guitar-Shaped Plate

This guitar shape label plate is made of metal. It seems like a label board of a music school, in Texas.

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