20 Strangest Concept Cars Ever

The line between reality and science fiction blurs more every day.

Nissan iV Concept

Nissan iV Concept is created by the Nissan Design America team.

Police hover car Future Police Car

Solent rv concept car. Sure solves they little vehicle towed behind issue.

One Person Super American Car

Mercedes-Benz F-CELL Roadster Concept

Although it looks a bit too sci-fi for the desert, The P-Eco vehicle definitely looks at home since the lack of a roof may prove annoying in other climates.

Japanese Kassou Concept Car

movie vehicles 70s

The Strangest Electric Car You’ll Ever See


The car is controlled by the driver’s facial recognition, body weight, and body language. It is also going to be fitted with an augmented reality screen.

eRinGo Concept Car

Futuristic Car Moves With Electromagnetic Wheels

Here's a concept for 2020. Vehicles running on electromagnetic wheels. Indian auto designer Nanish K.R.'s car design is aimed to revolutionize transport in 2020.

Tear Drop Shaped Futuristic Car Concept with Big Grin

MoVille is a compact single passenger vehicle with artificial intelligence and zero-emission drive train. Once you look at this vehicle, you will feel that you have entered into Robot world. 

Self driving solar power combined with electric energy concept car by John Bukasa, Casser Design / Yanko Design.

Flying Car Concept From Audi

Most spectacular solar-powered concept car

Fluxion Transport

The Fluxion Transport by designer Slave Popovski has been conceptualized for use in the year 2100, when a new breed of vehicles will be needed. Powered by magnetic flux ion engines that are included in each of the four wheels generate about 200KW of power, which can propel the vehicle to a top speed of 500kph. 

Ford MA Concept

Ford MA Concept Ford Motor Company Vice President of Design J Mays will debut his latest concept offering at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles

Peugeot Moovie, 2005

It is a dream Peugeot car a designer André Costa would like to drive. And it brought him the very first award in the Annual Peugeot Design Contest, recognition, prizes and..a possibility to see this concept turning into the real car.

Some cars are the stuff of dreams. Unfortunately, there are others that could only have come from a nightmare.

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