These are the Struggles which Tall People have to Face

When someone sees you and goes “You’re so tall!”. Like you forgot about your hight or something like this.

From awkward bathroom stall and dressing room moments to doorway safety hazards, who knew that there were so many tall people problems? Obviously, the answer is “just tall people know”.

Let’s feel the feelings of tall people.

When A Tall Man Is In China

This Is Me (18, 6’7) Next To My Pal In Their House. I Hate Their House

When Looking Into The Eyes Of A Good Friend, It Can Be Hard To Do It

Feel Like A Child

When Tall People Are Cooking…

When You’re 6’10 And Want To Drive Your Aventador

Almost 2 Meters Tall Friend Is Having Some Trouble At The ATM

Can’t Wait To Get Hired Into A Larger Airplane

Mission Impossible

What’s The Better Way To Hug – Shoulder To Shoulder Or Hip To Hip?

Not A Bad Idea

I’m 7’3″ And Have Arms Like A Gorilla

When You Are Tall And Love To Sit Near Window, but in vain.

Two Tall Buds Decided To Sit Opposite Each Other

When A Tall One Got All Of The Typical Questions Before Starting A Job

NS Premier Stephen McNeil Looked Pretty Tall On Election Night.

“I Am Too Tall For That Kitchen Problem”

Gets Interviewed By Chinese Media

The Washroom At Work…

What A Checkup…?

If There Is No Seat In Front Of Me, Normal Seats Are 100% Impossible Or I Will Block The Walking Path

Passport And ID Photos Are Fun

When I Asked, “How Tall Are You?” He Handed Me This:

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