Most Creative Way To Convert Trash Into Treasure

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Wiss artist Tom Samui crafted these extraordinary metal sculptures made of recycled car and motorcycle parts


Just enter in your kitchen and take out all the old fashioned cutlery

Recycled Tires Lion Sculpture

Australian artist Sean Avery creates beautiful animal sculptures out of recycled CD fragments

While amassing a collection of empty aluminum cans might be let’s say a little…um…

Assemblage art made from bottle caps. Sculpture of life sized woman by AM Fuller.

“Broken Family” by Anthony Haywood, uses all the household waste to construct an elephant

Rubbish can be beautiful

Amazing plastic bottle sculpture in Rio de Janeiro

Sculptures from Recycled Flip Flops

Another fat monkey made of flip-flops

An adorable unicorn made of buttons

Soft Dog Sculpture

Robert Bradford of London was gazing at a box of his kids' discarded toys when the idea came to him to use them to create a larger sculpture

Sculpture made of cloth-pins

A grazing cow made of shoe soles

Recycled book sculptures

But its not fair with books

Malaysian artist Louise Low Seok Loo fights cultural taboos with her eye-popping bra cup art.

Chinese Dancing Dragon made of disposable spoons and forks

Butterfly sculpture made of paper cups

A multicolored Rhino made of plastic toys

Old mobile phones sculpture

Giant Steampunk Turtle

Indonesian artist Ono ''Gaf'' created a true steampunk masterpiece – a sculpture of a giant turtle made entirely out of old metal junk.

Bound paper sculpture

Japanese paper artist replicates amazing baby elephant using intricately bound newspaper

Made from rubbish

Now, egg shell are not useless

Broken mirror sculptures-One of the leading contemporary art galleries in Scandinavia

Coin Sculpture by Niso Maman

Human figure sculpture made of electrical wire

Swans made of old recycled tyres


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