Uncanny Shadows That Might Freeze Your Brain

Sometimes shadow creates another story of the whole photo. Today, we are going to showcase some crazy combination of light and shadow in photos.

People Should Really Check The Background Of Their Photos Before Putting Them Online

Congratulations to the lady in shadow

Look At The Shadow, Who believes the beauty?

Just sunlight and shadow …Don’t be dirty mind

Poor dog disguised too creepily

The only man who wears it

Can you see a Simpson shadow?

Looks like Prismo


Lion King Hidden In Palm Trees

A public bench becomes a cat

Who is the real hero?

Giraffe’s Shadow Looks Like A Unicorn

The shadow of this guy’s gas cap looks like Batman.

Funny pictures of shadows taken at the right moment

This Shadow On A Garage Door Looks Like Rambo

Pen made from recycled water bottles casts shadow of its former self

The most feminine chimpanzee

Glass or Creepy Clown?

Funny shadow that looks dirty

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