DIY The Knitted Christmas Gifts You Can Make In A Jiffy

The weather turned a bit cooler today and it made me so happy. Cooler weather always makes me long for the holiday season, and it also prompts me to begin my DIY Christmas gifts. Do you make your own Christmas gifts? Don’t get me wrong, I do buy a lot of things in stores. I mean, it’s really difficult to make a video game, but there are things that I simply adore creating myself.

#1 DIY Easy Knit Book Cover

This book cover won’t take you long at all to knit and it really is the perfect gift for the book lover in your life. You could also toggle the pattern just a bit to make it a wonderful cover for an iPad or other tablet. You only need to know the most basic stitches, and that includes the tiny pocket that goes on the front that is perfect for holding highlighters or pencils for studying.

#2 DIY Knit Ribbed Scarf

This scarf is a really easy one to knit and it’s absolutely stunning when it’s finished. You can work this one up really quickly. You just do a simple 2X2 rib stitch using two skeins of yarn and it works up into a chunky and really comfy scarf that anyone is sure to adore. If you have teenagers or pre-teens on your gift list, this is the perfect scarf to knit for them.

#3 Cozy Knit Slipper Boots

Honestly, who wouldn’t love a cozy pair of slipper boots for Christmas? These are so comfortable to wear and so easy to knit. You don’t even have to be a seasoned knitting enthusiast to make them. You’ll need to choose your color and a chunky weight yarn and you can have these finished in a weekend. This is a great project to snuggle up with when the temperatures get cooler.

#4 DIY Knit Cup Cozy

This is a great gift idea for the coffee or tea lovers in your life. It’s also a nice idea for a man’s gift, and it’s very easy to knit. This one works up really quickly…so quickly that you could turn out several of these in a long afternoon. The great thing about this one is the buttons. You can totally customize the buttons for your gift recipient. You could even do these for kids and use cartoon character themed buttons!

#5 DIY A Quick And Easy Knit Hat

#6 DIY Fingerless Knit Mittens

Fingerless gloves or mittens have become so popular and for good reason. They’re super adorable. These DIY fingerless mittens are also super easy to knit and you don’t need to know any complicated knitting stitches. These are great gifts for any fashionista on your gift list and they take so little time to work up that you could do several pair to treat everyone on your list.

#7 DIY Large Farmer’s Market Tote

If you know any women who love oversized bags or who visit the farmer’s market quite often, this is the perfect knitting project. This one is rated for intermediate knitters and doesn’t require any complicated stitches. It’s a gorgeous bag that you can work up in a weekend and it makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves fashion…or shopping.

#8 DIY Hand Knit Washcloths

Washcloths make a wonderful gift, especially when they are hand knitted washcloths. If you have ever knitted a washcloth, you know that they’re probably the easiest things in the world to work up and they’re so fast that you could make an entire set for someone’s Christmas gift. These daisy knit washcloths are really simple and so gorgeous. Anyone would love receiving them! You don’t even have to do fancy stitches to make a nice set of washcloths. Just do whatever stitch you know.

#9 DIY Multi-Colored Honeycomb Knit Headband

Any little girl, or big girl for that matter, will adore these colorful honeycomb headbands. Now, you could easily just do one or two colors if you prefer not to work with multiple colors and it would still look gorgeous. The pattern is pretty easy and you only have to knit eight rows, so it’s a really quick workup, too. You could even do these in Christmas colors and add festive buttons or bows!

#10 DIY Simple Knit Toys

These patterns can be used to knit adorable little Santas, elves, snowmen or angels. These make wonderful stocking stuffers for your little ones and they work up really fast. You have time to do several of these before Christmas and you can make them in different characters so everyone gets something different. This pattern is on Etsy and it’s less than $4. Plus you get an instant download so you can get started right away.

#11 DIY Hand Knitted Terrarium Hanger

This is a gift that is perfect for someone who seems to have everything. It’s a knit terrarium hanger and you can make it even more special by adding the terrarium. Terrariums are so easy to put together and this little hanger won’t take long at all to work up. It has that great vintage macramé look but it’s actually knitted and you don’t need to know any complicated stitches to finish it up.

#12 Knit Tissue Box Cover

My aunt used to make these amazing toilet paper and tissue box covers and give them out at Christmas. You can now do the same thing and these are really easy patterns. This is listed as very easy so you can do this whether you have experience with knitting or this is your first time. Just choose a yarn that you can easily work with and you can turn this one out in just a few hours.

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