21 Creepy, Unusual And Crazy Headstones Ever

This is an amazing gravestone, commissioned by the spouse of Laurence Matheson, to show her love for him, after he died.

This couple died together, so their families decided to pay respects to them with this statue

This creepy statue is found in Barcelona’s Poblenou cemetery

Perhaps this is one of the best advertisements on AIDS

Computer addicts never die, they just go offline

Laugh, don’t weep-It feels better!

A happy and Lovely couple

If you cannot bear to be parted from your iPhone after death

Jesus Plays The Role Of Heavenly Babysitter

The Dead Poet-I think he passed away because of smoking too much

Strange eerie looking cemetery located in West Central Texas

Most unusual headstones from Commander Butch

Tomb of Yuri Nikulin

This gravestone monument belongs to Russian comic actor and clown, Yuri Vladimirovich Nikulin.

These funny tombstones prove, some people still keep their senses of humor even after passing through…

Weeping Angel Headstone

Empty chair tombstone located at Hope Cemetery in Barre, Vermon

Pool table gravestone

Child’s Bed Tombstone


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