24 of the Most Unusual Jobs You Might Not Know Exist

Professional Mourner


We suggest you hire Professional Mourners in advance.

Bed Testers

There are people who test beds (mattresses and pillows) for businesses and hotels. It's true that they are paid to sleep at work.

Professional Queuer

A professional who will line up for you for a fee. It's true that It is hard work and boring, but can be a very well paid job.

Repulsive Food Tasters

As this job represents a high risk, they are very well paid. Well, to make sure these disgusting foods are well edible, companies hire different specialists in all sorts of categories.

Tasters of Pet Foods

Let’s call the pet food testers! They taste pet's foods to evaluate the flavors and check if they meet the standards of quality.

No one should eat bad food, especially the favorite family member.

Earthworm Collectors

When someone goes fishing, he needs worms that he can buy in many stores but did you ever wonder where these people came from? 

Actually, the worm collectors walk at night in the grassy areas like gardens, parks, golf courses, etc to collect earthworms.

Diver-collectors of Golf Balls

If you like outdoor work and diving, then this unusual job is definitely for you. But it's not an easy or safe job.

Professional Cuddlers

There are a lot of people doing a fair job for money. Get ready to discover those trades that are far from normal or boring. 

We’ve compiled the strangest jobs that exist, which you had probably never heard of. 

Slide Testers

A good water park will provide entertainment for the kids, as well as safety. 

The responsibility of a toboggan tester is essentially to throw them several times to see how much water is needed, how fast they can reach, but also evaluate the rate of fun and safety.

Paper Towel Sniffers

Do not get excited, because it seems easier to get a job as a neurosurgeon than to get that job. That’s why it’s probably one of the smallest work niches in the world.

Snake Venom Collectors

Collectors spend their days manipulating snakes (only certain species) to extract their venom in a plastic container. These true heroes save lives with their work.

Light-bulb Replacers

Actually, big universities and companies employ such people.

Bridge Drivers

When you are too afraid to drive over a bridge by yourself, you can call up a bridge driving service, and they will drive over the bridge for you.

Staple Removers

When a company decides to go digital, it needs someone to remove the staples from all of the documents. So, that they can be scanned.

Professional Pushers

Can you believe that there's a job of Professional Pushers who help people to get inside the train and reach the office on time? Very impressive.

Professional Wedding Guests

Its Japan where people work as a guest at the wedding. Apart from the money, the professional wedding guest also gets to eat delicious food.

Electric Shock Giver (Toques)

In Mexico, if you spot some dudes carrying a wooden box, know that they are Electric Shock Giver.

They are also called toques, who administer electrical shocks at $2-$4 each. Who wants to be violated in this way, ...?

Chicken Gender Identifier

Ostrich Babysitter

 All you have to do is, watch out that Ostriches do not mess with each other.

Wrinkle Chasers

This job is to make sure that every single pair of shoes that goes out of the factory is wrinkle-less and scratch-free. 

Panda Nannies

In China, employs staff known as Panda Caretakers or Panda Nannies whose job is to take care of pandas at the centers.

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