17 of the Most Weird Flavored Toothpastes

I am sure that brushing is an interesting task. Lets decor our brush with our own flavored toothpastes.

Cheetos flavored toothpaste anyone wanna try?


Indian curry flavored toothpaste

Chocolate Flavor

Banilla Bling Ice Cream Flavor

Fennel Flavor

Now you can enjoy the breakfast’s bacon goodness all day!

The Real Ghostbusters Slimer Fluoride Toothpaste

Sounds good enough to eat.

Charcoal-based, WHITENING Lithuanian toothpaste

Power Toothpaste

Oreo cookie flavored toothpaste

Don Poynter’s Cocktail in a Toothpaste Tube

Spice up your morning and nighttime routines

Toothpaste flavored Pringles

UGLY-Chaotic Coconut toothpaste

Not for human beings, its just for dogs and cats

Wasabi Toothpaste


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