30 OF The Most Weird People During A Subway Ride.

If you are a regular subway user, I’m sure you have met weird people during your past rides but are you sure you’ve seen it all?

The funniest people with just plain questionable fashion sense, you just never know what you’re going to see when you set foot inside a subway car.

These 30 pictures show some of the weirdest people.

01. When Camouflage Doesn’t Work.

02. One Band of Merry Men.

03. In a towel.

04. Multitasking.

05. Foxy Lady… or Gentleman.

06. Just A Girl And Her Raven On The Subway.

07. Just Got Real On The Subway.

08. This Is Why I Don’t Ride Public Transportation.

09. Ran Into These Guys On The Train.

10. Sometimes I Forget I’m In Asia , And Then I Get On The Metro.

11. A Randomly Image Taking On A Subway Ride To Manhattan From Astoria.

12. Subway Keeps Getting Better And Better.

13. This Guy Trained His Pit-Bull To Calmly Sit In His Small Bag.

14. This Guy Decided To Setup His Own Hammock.

15. Meanwhile On The London Underground.

16. On The NYC Subway, Handing Out Little Green Army Men To Kids.

17. Another Average Day In The NYC Subway.

She Built A ‘Personal Space’ Dome.

19. Just Another Day On Metro.

20. Female Silurian Spotted.

21. Taking A Ride On The Subway.

22. A Tomato On A Subway.

23. Your Friendly Neighborhood Subway Ride.

24. Yeti On The Metro.

25 Well That Was An Interesting Subway Journey.

26. Catman In A Train.

27. Subway Creature.

28. Sad Darth Vader On Stockholm Subway.

29. Seen On Subway.


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